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How might we increase conversions without comprising the customer experience? The website is all about collaborative working to create visuals that truly reflect the Pleo brand, as well as maintaining SEO, performance and A11Y needs.


Pleo (In-house design team)


December 2021

For the website, the main objective is to increase the conversion rate from visitors to qualified leads through a seamless experience.

One of they key challenges is to design localisation, A11Y and SEO friendly components that were easy to use, flexible and scalable with all types of content.

My role within the team was the contribution and creation of strategy, UX and visual design. With the exception of some lead generation microsites, most projects fall under one of the following:


Photographs, videos and illustrations are all courtesy of the crazy talented brand team at Pleo. Big kudos to Juan and Sean for making these designs a reality.

Most projects start with an in depth discovery process with the product manager. This can include things like defining the problem, initial research and kick off meetings with stakeholders. Everything lives on Notion as a single source of truth with clearly defined problems/hypotheses, objectives and success metrics.

Design work is next after discovery is complete, followed by a review before a hand off to the engineers in a sprint. Localisation and QA testing are completed before pushing the features live.

Other projects include the ROI Calculator and Expense Report Generator. These two microsites focus on providing additional value for potential customers in hopes of generating more leads.

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One of the most successful outcomes was the homepage experiment 3.0. They were pushed live to replace the original homepage (from the early early days) after a visual refresh for a more reductionist approach to content. This was also featured on Land-book.

Following that, the Pleo blog also underwent a huge refresh with one objective in mind: to showcase the great content we have in a clean and easily digestable manner.

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