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KrisSleep is a digital service concept as part of a team submission (with James Thorburn) for the Singapore Airlines App Challenge 2019. It focused on creating a seamless digital solution to jet lag when travelling on long haul flights. Out of 528 teams and 1616 participants, this concept was selected to the semi-finals.


Singapore Airlines App Challenge


September 2019

Travellers on longer flights often experience jet lag. Meal service could be streamlined with minimal disruptions to allow for more rest time.

The main objective is to redefine the travel experience with Singapore Airlines: we understand our guests so that we can truly delight them. The focus was on the customer experience: in-flight, specifically looking at how might we elevate the in-flight seat and entertainment experience to delight our passengers?

This project was a collaborative effort together with James Thorburn, starting with initial user and market research followed by concept ideation, user flows, wireframes and visual design. For the submission, a business pitch deck was also included for the proposed design solutions.

Hypothesis — Travellers on longer flights often experience jet lag. Meal service could be streamlined with minimal disruptions to allow for more rest time.


In Flight


The identified areas of opportunities included more personal experiences, as well as reduced interruptions with the in-flight entertainment system. As digital omnivores, we have a number of devices and therefore, more expectations for connectivity. Addressing this issue would lead to higher passenger satisfaction and possible revenue opportunities. Sources of research included online surveys as well as secondary data.

Younger millennials tend to favour more affordable travel to explore various new cities whereas the older target market consist of senior business individuals who fly for work. Since they travel often, they are most concerned with comfort and rest.

User and business objectives were taken into consideration. It was key to ensure common alignment between both for a successful digital product that travellers would like to use. Considering that this is a new digital service that is not available on any other flights, positive user response would mean increased brand awareness, especially with new travellers.

One of Singapore Airlines’ well known customer service touch points is their in-flight meal service. To ensure inclusivity of two types of preferred service (digital or face to face), an opt in user flow is created so that travellers have the choice of either. If they were to opt in to the service, they would automatically receive reminders to pre-order their meals from the digital menus.

Building on seamless branding and architecture to create an omni-channel experience targetting all parts of the travellers' journey - pre-flight, in-flight and post flight.

Making use of existing technology, KrisSleep should be an additional feature integrated into the existing Singapore Airlines App. Users can set up their ideal sleep and wake cycles with KrisSleep which is also synced to their mobile apps.

Two other product opportunities were identified for future business development – libraries such as soundscapes, nature sounds and podcasts and a boarding pass integration where a QR code could be scanned to automatically add in travel information without any manual input from the user.

One of the business valuation methods would be the analysis of usage data end of the month, for example, how many people have clicked or viewed the new features introduced to KrisWorld. KrisSleep was selected as a semi-finalist and presented to the Singapore Airlines' business development team.

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