UX Case Study: Free Now is a self initiated, observational study focusing on improving the user experience and brand consistency of the app. At the same time, how might we increase brand awareness?


Product Design (UX/UI)

Client: Free Now (Self Initiated)

Date: 02.20


Formed in February 2019, Free Now is a mobility provider and one of the largest e-hailing companies in Europe. Booking or scheduling of rides should be easy with full transparency and a clear information hierarchy. Additionally, how can various cultural contexts should be considered within the UX flow of the entire service?

This was a self initiated case study after my first initial experience with the mobile app. I noticed several, crucial inconsistencies that either made simple actions a lot more difficult, or prolonged my time on the app because information was unclear.

No cultural context is taken into account with different fare types in different cities. Users want full transparency with their fares before booking a ride.



The entire UX flow for organising a trip is simplified and broken down into two different actions – scheduling a ride or booking an instant ride. The different types of rides available is integrated into the flow as part of a progressive disclosure method.


Visual consistency and strong brand elements were introduced for a more cohesive, delightful experience. The redesign allows for a clear overview and breakdown of all the fares, including any promo vouchers. Every action is clear and there are obvious differentiation between each type of information such as payment methods. Additional visual information such as the car type and colour is added for users.

With the profile, chunking is used to have clear groups of different information to prevent any confusion. There is no need for both FAQ and Help/Support – instead, they were combined together for an easier classification of support questions. Information have been simplified so that users can get the answers they need quickly without feeling lost.

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