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Cassandra Tang

Senior Product Designer @ Pleo


Hey, I’m Cassandra, based in Glasgow. Proud Frenchie dog mum, knowledge sponge, type fanatic, notion wiz and master of auto layout.

I help simplify company expense management for accounting partners. My day to day revolves around unpacking all problems and opportunities in the partner experience team to drive effective go to market approaches and adoption.

I'm all about asking the right questions and breaking down complex concepts into accessible information. When it comes to problem spaces, my specialisation lies in the fintech space but I do have a particular soft spot for translating experimental concepts and playful ideas into real life outcomes.

Latest portfolio of work available upon request.

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I'm learning React and Next.js. When I'm not staring at screens, I'm juggling plenty of Ashtanga and Vinyassa yoga.


I love mail. If you need a quick reply, drop an email at

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